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Who are we?

 Knutselracing was founded in September 2008. We are a bunch of guys with an above average "need for speed".

To satify this need  we visit a few race tracks every year.

The picture below is the (early) Knutselteam, taken after a three day track-training in France in Ales from

"the Race-Academy" in July 2009.

Wrecker Rene (on the right), works in taring down green houses. Once on the track, his e.g. new set of

tires will and have turn into scrap as soon as possible.


Relax Eric (on top), works as a network system operator. If he can turn down his harddisk for a while,

he's able to handle the trottle in a relaxed way. If he can only find the right switch...


Sparky Ron (on the left), works in the installation business. On the job he controls the sparks pretty

well, but for some more sparks on the tarmac, a few more exercises are inevitable.


Gravel trap specialist Fer (middle), spends his daily business in various countries around the world

where he's building new greenhouses.  He can't deny that the race tracks has the best gravel. 


Coach Jos (sunglasses), our DJ Milkman, tries to teach us how to ride the track. After such a day, his

girlfriend complaines the lack of energy during the night.


Aspirant Jeroen (in front), works with plants (..). During his first (and only) year of racing, he

grew such a disgust of transforming his bike from street to race, he stopped immediately.




 Photographer Jan Paparazzi, joins the team regularly to record our attempts to race.

 Meahwhile, he's valued for both his pictures, commitment and his cosiness.

  He also drinks our beer.







 In season 2010 and 11, some of us joined a competition from RSZ motorsport called "zomer avond competitie" (ZAC).

When you happen to meet us at a track, please pay us a visit.  You can also leave us a message in the guestbook.

See you!


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